While the BestSemester team stretches around the world to include our program directors and program staff, you may initially communicate with the hard-working folks at the CCCU headquarters in Washington, DC.  Whatever your question may be, they are here to help you!


Rick Ostrander

Vice President of Academic Affairs and Professional Programs




Leah Mullen

Director of Enrollment and Campus Relations

202-548-5201, ext 401


Jackie Seal

Admissions Coordinator

Scholars' Semester in Oxford and Oxford Summer Programme
202-548-5201, ext 402


Katie Heidengren

Admissions & Academic Services Coordinator

Middle East Studies Program and Uganda Studies Program
202-548-5201, ext 403


Hannah Wasco

Program Administrator & Internship Coordinator

American Studies Program
202-548-5201, ext 404


Jordan Smith

Admissions Coordinator

Australia Studies Center and Northern Ireland Semester
202-548-5201, ext 406