One of the most valuable lessons I've learned from my time at LASP is learning never has to stop. For me, the LASP student experience occurred five years ago, and I never would have imagined initially what impact it would have on my life. Learning for me occurs most deeply within relationships, and my community immersion placement at LASP gave me some of the deepest friendships I have felt in all my life. My host family in Naranjo welcomed me with open arms and never made me feel like the strange "gringa" who had wandered into their home. From day one of my time in Naranjo God opened my eyes to new ways to love my neighbors and how to be a servant for God's purposes. My life and heart will forever be changed by knowing so many wonderful people in different countries! Traveling for me now involves so much more than seeing sights, but rather examining realities through the eyes of God's people everywhere.

~ Laura Frey

Bluffton University