Before I came to Australia, I had never taken public transportation, so believe me when I say it was an adventure in and of itself trying to figure out which bus routes and trains lines would get me to school or into the city. Looking back, I laugh as I remember having mild heart attacks because I thought I had caught the wrong bus or got off at the wrong stop. However once I got the hang of it, I was so proud and felt absolutely unstoppable! 

Although it was sometimes stressful, public transportation taught me a whole new level of patience and flexibility. It also gave me an appreciation for the simple moments during my time in Australia. Taking a bus or train with other students, kids, and business people served as a constant reminder that I wasn't just touring Australia, but I was actually living life here for a season. Sometimes that meant I would experience "uninteresting" moments like waiting at a bus stop for thirty minutes. But in those "uninteresting" moments, I got to see the simple routine of Australia and appreciate the beauty of people living out their daily lives. So I would say the train/bus station is not only where I got from point A to B, but it's ultimately where my love for Australia is embedded because it's one place where Australian authenticity abides.

~ Dora Mahoe

Biola University, ASC Fall 2015