The American Studies Program (ASP) in Washington, D.C. connects you and your faith to the institutions and leaders who are impacting issues in public policy and strategic communication. You are independent, but not alone. Future politician or not, you will nurture the leader within during your experience in ASP.

As the plane begins to make its final approach to Reagan National, you’re given your first tour of our nation’s capital. Hop on the Metro, cross the Potomac and you’re here, surrounded by national landmarks. You’re just minutes away from the American Studies Program (ASP) living and learning facility in D.C.’s quaint Capitol Hill neighborhood. You’re now 25 blocks from where the President puts on his shoes and just eight blocks from the Capitol building.

Sharing similarities while respecting differences may just be the one test you never knew you’d be taking.  Whether in Public Policy or Strategic Communication, you will engage in what it means to be in community and to be a leader. Continue this conversation as you interact in a dozen on-site visits with expert scholars and policy makers. Internships, professional mentorships, and service opportunities offer the chance to further define your vocation.

You have a heart for cultivating change that will better our world. There is no better place to start than at ASP in Washington, D.C. Being a catalyst of change starts the moment you meet your roommates. It is planted in your words as you tutor an at-risk child and becomes rooted in the active role you play in your internship. Guided by mentorship, community engagement and fellowship with others, this is change that will bear the best fruit.

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