In January 2021, we will be rebranding our experiential education programs, which means that BestSemester is becoming CCCU GlobalEd! Our name might be changing, but our commitment to partnering with our campuses to offer faith-integrated, off-campus study programs for students remains the same.

Some context: In the Spring of 2019, we began exploring how we might be able to better brand our BestSemester programs under the umbrella of the CCCU. We surveyed nearly 1,000 campus leaders, who indicated that closer branding to the CCCU would be helpful in their ability promote these programs to their students. We also surveyed 3,000 students, and (no surprise) learned that our brand was in desperate need of a “refresh” to make it more relevant and appealing to the current generation. We came up with a list of new name options to replace BestSemester and again polled campus leaders, with CCCU GlobalEd emerging as the clear frontrunner. We then went through three rounds of new logo designs and hosted focus groups with current students, who overwhelmingly selected our new logo (they loved the modern look of the pin and Google Maps connection).

We think that this new name accomplishes a few things: it brands our programs closer to the CCCU, it allows us to include not just semester program but also shorter-term programs, it is both short and descriptive, and finally, it encompasses both international and domestic programs, who together contribute to a holistic view of global education.

Our name change comes with a brand new website, launching in January 2021, which will house comprehensive information and application links for our updated suite of experiential program offerings, in the Middle East, Oxford, and Washington, D.C.

Due to the global impact of COVID-19, our prior suite of program offerings is still reduced. Here are the most current program updates:

  • The American Studies Program in Washington, D.C. and Middle East Studies Program in Amman, Jordan, will be returning in Fall 2021! Applications for students will open on Jan. 6, 2021, and full details for both programs will be available on our website beginning in January.
  • Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford (SCIO) is moving forward with plans to run an in-person Spring 2021 Semester Programme, followed by their regular Summer Programme (currently accepting applications). SCIO also has a number of online program offerings.
  • We know you likely have questions about some of our other BestSemester programs. Here’s what we can share now, and please stay tuned for future developments:
    • We’ll have an exciting announcement to share soon about the future of the Contemporary Music Center.
    • The Uganda Studies Program will re-start in Fall 2021, now run solely under the umbrella of Uganda Christian University. Visit for more details.
    • The Australia Studies Centre, L.A. Film Studies Center, Latin American Studies Program, and Northern Ireland Semester are not currently accepting applications. Additional details on the future of these programs will be communicated in 2021.

We are available for any questions you might have. Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].