We spent the last two weeks of our semester in Rwanda visiting memorials and museums for the Rwandan Genocide. There was a deep heaviness laying upon us at times and we were struck by man's capability for evil. However, we soon became in awe of man's ability to forgive and reconcile. This picture was taken when we were at a home with CARSA (a reconciliation organziation). At this home we were helping a man build a garden and fix the house of the woman who's husband he had killed in the genocide. She had forgiven him and he was trying to show her his true remorse.

As we took a break from the work, I took this photo of a fellow classmate, Jake Hess, as he messed around and attempted to ride the bike. Amongst a country once filled with so much pain, there is reconicliation, joy, and levity. What a contrast!

~ Jenna Comontofski

Westmont College, USP Spring 2012