Located in sub-tropical Southeastern China, Xiamen University is surrounded by a modern progressive city and the South China Sea. Here elegant buildings glean from the ancient beauty of Chinese temples, and lush landscapes provide the setting as you study after class. Generosity and obligation, sweet and sour, activity and passivity are all opposites that complement each other and exemplify a Chinese life lived in dynamic balance.

Experience Chinese culture firsthand and learn about its historical, religious, geographic and economic positions. In addition to studying the local language, you might teach English to Chinese students or you might put your one-on-one talents to work in an orphanage. CSP immerses you in an increasingly important part of the world in an informed, Christ-Centered way.

New languages, new rules, new values; it can all amount to an exciting kind of culture shock. But within CSP, there is a strong focus on community between students. Here you’ll connect with your CSP peers through Bible study, worship and valuable dialogue. Travel the country of China together, eat unheard-of foods together, and learn a very foreign language together. Discover how to live as a believer in the amazingly diverse land of China.