The India Studies Program (ISP), in partnership with the Bishop Appasamy College of Arts and Sciences (BACAS), brings you to one of India's most fascinating cities: Coimbatore. Home to over 2 million people, it’s a bustling metropolis of business, culture and Indian tradition. On your first night, you’ll dine on dosa (Indian crepes) and discuss what you're looking forward to most in the next 14 life-changing weeks.

Why ISP?

ISP takes you through two core courses that provide a breadth of knowledge about India's culture, society and challenges, as well as her vast religious landscape. Meanwhile, you will build upon this knowledge as you participate in three elective courses, each one taught by a BACAS faculty. As you develop a deeper understanding of this diverse nation, your own worldview will be refined. 

The wide range of life that exists throughout India must truly be seen to be believed. You will grapple with new cultural awareness in your daily living and during local community projects. Before you know it, you’ve transformed from a visiting student to an invested student – one whose passion for India is tied seamlessly to what is happening within the country. Go from theory and ideas to putting your faith into practice at ISP.

Riding in Rickshaws

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